Big Picture

Several years back, Tim Burton produced a film called “Big Fish”….a story of a son who reunites with his dying father who was notorious for telling whimsical, outlandish stories of his younger days….and I thought, I may have told a few fish stories myself. But the tales aren’t about what I want life to be like….mythical, pop sickle, pixie dust,  and rainbow colored Volkswagen peace rides. It’s just life, and some days I get bad news that makes it harder to see the big picture. The picture is that all ends just like it is supposed to without me meddling, interfering, or coercing. Then, there are those times when life pushes, and I have to push back. I have to……because otherwise I know I would go to my dying grave and think, “why didn’t I do something.” That’s not just in my head, that’s in my heart….deep down in the well spring of my very existence. It’s setting boundaries and taking up for what I feel and know is right where the fine line is….not too rigid, but not too soft, either.   There is a lot of good everywhere, but sometimes situations and people turn south for us all….and I have to ask myself….what part did I play?….what could I have done differently?….where was I wrong?…..I have no control over others. People are gonna lie, they are going to gossip, they are going to steal…but it doesn’t mean I have too as well, and if I do, I must stop.  Taking the high road is difficult while standing my own ground. It takes commitment, conviction, determination, and will. That’s why sponsorship is so important to my recovery. To give me a new set of eyes, perspective, and way of viewing what I may perceive as an injustice. It’s hard staying on the path, harder for some than others. But the only way I truly can see the big picture is to pause when agitated or doubtful, rest, run it by my sponsor, and pray and ask God to give me a spiritual solution. The answer is always the same…do good to those who may spitefully take advantage of my weaknesses or insecurities. Love them until it hurts, and then keep on loving them in spite of myself. That is all inclusive..friends, family, and kids, or anyone who may be fighting their own battles, and the determining factor to me seeing the big picture is not the outcome, but my reaction to it…..good day!…b

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