I’m no poster boy on this one. All I know about prayer are my three experiences. One is that I pray more often these days, two is I don’t think I have to do it “right” anymore, and three is I believe He hears my pleas. If I didn’t, I don’t think there would be any hope for me. I wrapped up a morning prayer overlooking the Grand Canyon this morning, and it occurred to me just how quiet a place of this magnitude can force me to become… sit still…….and breathe. While it’s comforting to know that God listens, there have been times when I only called His name in the rough spots….like, “here I am again, God, please get me out of this scrape”…and I know today, what I didn’t believe then was that He has been with me every step of the way.  My faith grows when I pray. My focus narrows when I pray. My thoughts turn to God when I pray. God removed the obsessive thoughts and physical cravings to run from my true feelings. Now, it is up to me to thank Him, commune with Him, and be reminded just who really is in charge….and be grateful it’s not me, of course.  It’s a heart change I desire….not some bargain with God anymore. I want to grow…as I talk with Him….and talk with others who remind me that it’s not necessary to turn back the odometer. God knows where I’ve been…..and not all of the paths I’ve taken have been paved….Good day!….b

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