One of the classics. In fact, it’s still being read across our nation’s upper schools….and R-O-L-A-I-D-S… remember the commercial? Who does a baseball team turn to save the game?…the reliever. Imagine being framed for something and having to wear a letter around your neck symbolizing the deed that wasn’t done?….thankfully, I don’t have to do that…dirtbag, and all. What I have to do is live with myself when pains  strike. Addiction, death, suicide, physical hurts, emotional turmoil, loss of income, divorce, and childhood rebellion to name a few. Today, I work thru the pains rather than run around them, and I know that I am not alone. I have to do what works, and for me, the program of action outlined in the 12 steps works, divinely. In every situation, every time….. no matter the event, problem, or occurrence that causes worry, anxiety, fear, and heartache. Going to God and believing that He will help takes faith and courage. My experiences in making it thru to the other side have proven it. Oh, I get discouraged sometimes, but I can share that I’ve been down but never out. As long as I have breath, I have hope. Watching my life unfold, and remembering the slogan “surrender to win” has been interesting. But what do I want quickly when circumstances don’t go my way?…fast relief. Sometimes the lessons I learn occur to me in the middle of the experiences. I have to ask myself….what is it that I need to learn?…how can I grow from this?…otherwise, I don’t learn the lesson, and I can’t move along. I get stuck and entrapped in self pity and repeat the same pattern because the disease of addiction has no boundaries. I’ve found that relief comes with patience, tolerance, and love….for myself and for others, and that is where I find the freedom…..good day!…b

Bible Verse

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