Today I can delight in another person’s good fortune because I can see myself and how best to handle it as if it were mine. For a long time, I burned up energy foolishly thinking of how unfair life was. It was not until I began to see the blessings, that I began to let go of the curses. I finally accepted that it’s my life, the only one I will ever have, and I might as well make it the best I can. Working on steps 6 thru 10 taught me that. It’s really my character defects like pride, lust, gluttony, and envy that cause me the greatest fear and anger. I have to ask God to remove them daily, pray for acceptance, and make amends for harms done. It takes courage, but staying stuck in the problem is a death trap. I must accept that in my life, all things happen for a reason, and I must look for God in each situation. Otherwise, my perspective gets skewed, and before I know it, I am whining and moaning about this or that. Nobody likes a whiner. We all have hardships. What I have learned is that I gain strength when I see others walk thru storms and make it to the other side….alive, intact, and sober. In each trial, I find that if I look for the lesson, I find it. It all depends on what I’m looking to gain. If it’s selfish and self seeking, it usually finds me out. So, I have to turn my thoughts outward, stop and make time to listen, and hear the voices that others speak…..that I’m not unique to situations, problems, and life scenarios that others have experienced. Being grateful for these challenges offers me and others hope. The same hope I had lost because of my lack of understanding of the problem. The problem is me, not others, and asking God to teach me the lesson makes me the pupil…..good day!…b

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2 thoughts on “Hardships

  1. Sometimes I feel as though I am literally loosing my mind, trying to sort through whats real and whats not real is a daily struggle as of late. I have lost everything and gotten it back by the grace of God to many times to count. He has looked out for me when no one else did, but since the death of my mother, I have found myself alone, a lot. Its not good to be alone too much, at least not for me. Today I went to an AA meeting and had a short talk after the meeting with you and I appreciated the time you took to talk with me. Just wanted you to know that. You just never know how God is going to help you, going to the AA meeting today and leaving this world of mine was my step and then God took over from there.


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