Depth and weight

The message which can interest and hold these alcoholic people must have depth and weight- BB Doctor’s Opinion xxviii

The above illustration defines the meaning almost perfectly. The farther down I go into those layers that developed my thinking, the more I understand that it is my thinking that’s at the very root of my troubles. When I go down and uncover these causes and conditions, the lighter the load becomes. I have the mind of a chronic alcoholic whether I ever pick up another drink or not. I know because the book tells me so and its message has the depth and weight that got my attention. In fact, the first 164 pages, in my opinion, are so divinely written, that I would have thought that Bill W had lifted his inspiration straight from the Bible. He did. Both have depth and weight. The message is simple but clear…..”abandon yourself to God as you know God….and freely give of yourself as you trudge the road of happy destiny.” To a self confessed “I think I know what’s best for me” kinda guy…I finally had to hit rock bottom with that thinking. I can intellectualize almost everything and understand it to some degree….but ask me why I picked up that first drink and I couldn’t explain it any better than how Mozart played the piano. It is a strange twist how I could be seemingly doing so well, then the thought of a drink occur and I’d be at the local watering hole, chatting it up like there was going to be no tomorrow. It’s puzzling and twisted in a pretzel kind of way. I’d be so badly mangled after a bender that all I could do would be sleep it off until the next round. I thank God I don’t live like that today. No man should have to with the solution found in the message of hope that has depth and weight. I wonder how I lived thru some of my experiences at times….thinking my heart was going to blow out of my chest. Thankfully, I became willing and just desperate enough to see and feel the pain and misery, and to ask God and another man to help me. The message had depth and weight. That’s why I keep coming back…..good day!…b

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