I don’t think MLK had recovery in mind, but how pertinent to my daily walk, just one foot in front of the next. You know what will kill me stone cold dead?….complacency. Complacency is apathy’s first cousin. Apathy is I don’t care,  and complacency is I care just enough not to be concerned anymore. When the comfortable starts becoming uncomfortable then I have to make a change. The book calls it “resting on our laurels.” Complacency has laid many a man in his grave, one shovel of dirt at a time. How do I know when I’m getting complacent?…. I get irritated quicker, my fuse gets shorter, and my propensity to fire off goes higher. Those little pin pricks feel like thorns……and I get so busy that I forget to ask God for help. I’ll pass on a phone call, skip a needed meeting, and stop working with others. I’ve laid reading my spiritual materials to rest. My experience shows that when I stop doing these, I’ve relapsed. The relapse occurred long before I picked up that first drink.  I lose that conscious contact, and being cut off from the Spirit…..I have no hope. When I drank, I lived in that delusional state that someday I would overcome my desires to temporarily escape on my own willpower.  What I didn’t realize  was that I was expending most of my energy digging my own grave. Today, I’m free but I can’t get complacent in the freedom. God made mountains and valleys, and He also created a path for me to walk. In order for me to weather the peaks and low spots that come with living, I have got to stay on the path. It’s not always the path of least resistance I assure you….but so far, it has been a path well worth taking…..good day!….b

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