Might as well have been me trying to find my way. Once I gave up and sobered up, I seemingly forget those moments where I’ve awoken and wondered, “how did I get here?” The book tells me that we come from all walks of life. I’m a US southerner born and raised. While I’ve traveled to numerous places, I believe I’ll be buried somewhere between Tupelo and Boone.  Besides the humidity and “no see ums”, the south has everything a man could want….white beaches, mountains, pretty girls, and good BBQ. From New Orleans to Memphis, by bus to Montgomery, thru the Appalachian chain and rivers in North Carolina, down the Atlantic thru South Georgia and over to the Gulf of Mexico……today,  I’m proud to call this home.   I grew up working class, in a small college town, with culture and live music. I smoked my first joint and drank my first beers before I turned 14. By age 15, I was using psychedelics, sneaking into bars at 16, and was introduced to stronger mind altering chemicals by age 18. Somehow, in all that madness, I managed to letter in 5 varsity sports, and I received an academic scholarship to attend college. But I had other plans, so I dropped out initially to pursue my own interests in painting and cutting, as well as smoking, grass. I returned to college and received my BS and Master’s Degrees, but I had garnered a reputation as a hard partier, so I thought moving states would fix me. I’ve since learned, my addiction goes with me wherever I go.  I would just surround myself with new party people. Fast forward 25 years…, kids, detox centers, emotional unavailability in failed relationships, and near death experiences…and somewhere in all that…I had to see my part and subsequently found a way to live sober, happy, and free. So, the next time you think you have met a drunk, in the mirror or otherwise, remember that sobriety is a gift to those who’ve drank both top shelf and out of paper sacks. It’s the first one that always nailed me, and it doesn’t discriminate …..I’m just grateful to be in the land of the living….good day!…b

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