The Thinker

“I think, therefore, I am”-Descartes

The above sculpture called “the Thinker”, commissioned by sculptor Auguste Rodin,  is one of the most recognized in all of art. Yet, for years, both he and his works toiled in relative obscurity…… It’s interesting to me how some of the most intelligent, articulate, and creative people I have ever met are in the rooms of 12 step recovery. And they are sober.  When it comes to  intellect and liquor, in my case, “smarts” go out the window. I had no well conceived processing faculty that told me that it wouldn’t end well.   For years, I killed brain cell after merciless brain cell with no regards for my own psyche. There have even been times when I’ve completely lost my own mind, but for all it was worth, just one simple truth has resonated with me….that “at times, we have no mental defense against that first drink. Our defense must come from a Higher Power.” ….imagine that….I simply cannot out think, over analyze, or intellectualize myself out of my own head. I need God, and yet, my own head still tells me at times, ” a cold Corona with lime sure sounds good.” The problem is, no matter how smart I think that I am, I’ve never actually drank just one……three days later and I’m in another quandary thinking, “what in Batman’s name just happened?” That’s what qualifies me, according to the book. “Drinks to kill the pain and drown the sorrows, for merriment and good times”…I would toast and say, “I”ll drink to that!” I do tragic and puzzling things under the influence….. like the time I drove thru three counties in a neighboring state to buy beer on a Sunday. All because I drank one can of beer midday, and the phenomenon of craving took over my mind and body. It had nothing to do with intellect and everything to do with a problem that no man could fix.  I simply had to ask for help….and stop trying so hard to outthink it….good day!…b

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