“Into each life, some rain must fall”- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Sally Field played it perfect in the movie, “Places in the Heart.” A widowed mother left with two kids, a farm with no money, and somehow, she could see the blessings in it all. I’m thankful I’m not in the state penitentiary, but I do want to make a trek one year to Angola just to see the rodeo. It’s fascinating how blessed I am, and yet, let me have a few day’s worth of slumps, and I’m full of pity, remorse, regret, worry, and fear.  I’m blessed I found a solution to work thru that. I’m also blessed that God has shown his favor and has given me the courage to live in it. I once knew an easier, softer way in the beginning, but in the end it was torturous, mind-bending work. Something I remind guys early on when we work the steps is to pray for willingness and somehow, in some way, get God in it quickly. The blessings are that I’ve seen changed lives as a result. Not my power, but God is continually blessing me with people, like me, who are desperate to change. In life, I get what it is my perception of the event is… I call my sponsor, he helps me get centered, and I learn from the misperception. It happens, but not as often as it once did. Once God removed the obsession to drink and get high, then I had to learn to live, to cope, to know when to fight and when to run. Blessings are the gifts of doing the work…..a roof, clothes, vehicle, job, kids, opportunities for service, repaired friendships, and sobriety. It’s my recovery where the responsibility lies, and I can’t keep it without giving it away….blessings!…all from the Maker….b

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