Even Flow

“Those who dance are considered insane by those who can’t hear the music.”- Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder

They took grunge rock to a whole different level with their painfully introspective,socially conscious lyrics and guitar riffs. Eddie got the call to audition while pumping gas and surfing. He also was writing lyrics to songs that now have become Billboard legends. It’s amazing how my perspective of God works thru people when I listen to their journeys and hear their voices. I’m grateful I can share mine today. A mountain biking friend in recovery and I stopped at a ledge over Lake Fontana, and he told me that if I could ever stay sober I would have a story to tell, too. That, my friends, gave me hope. He got it long before I did. I was hopeless and had all but given up when I finally surrendered. I had to do something I didn’t want to do: commit pen to paper. Now I write for comfort and peace. Some days, the words have that flow, that evenness, that I feel in my heart and soul. Other days, not so much. It’s like trying to grind an ax with waxpaper to put down in words what I’m truly feeling……honesty is a huge milestone for me. At one year sober, my thoughts had become clearer, but there were still some dishonest, selfish behaviors. Ironically, at three and a half years, those same demons can creep back into my life when I get complacent. I learned to stop making excuses and make adjustments instead. I write my story to give hope, experiences, and strength to the man who may stumble across this and think….” If that man can stop,  maybe I can, too.” I never know all God has in store, so I keep ‘cutting up logs for the winter.’  No man told me living sober would be easy, but the quality of my life and inconveniences sure have improved…good day!….b

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