God in a box


Perhaps,  it really should be this simplistic when I forget how beautiful, yet complicated life can be.  I have put God there, but in tough times, I’d pull Him back out.  When I was a little boy, I remember thinking how vast the stars were at night, and I’d look up and pray. I’ve grown to realize that God really is everywhere. I was taught, but I guess I never learned it.  What I’ve found to be true is that folks who have a natural serene and peaceful spirit have shown me a connectedness with something extraordinary. They usually call it God. I’ve had to change my paradigm of who God is and the Power that creates change. I could not change me and even if I could, I would still be the problem in need of a Solution. I finally took God out of the box, and turning my will over to God each morning starts my day off in the right direction. My pride tells me I should be great when average is about where I am most of the time. The good news is acceptance of that is both humbling and reminds me that God in a box, on a shelf, does me no good. I have to experience God, not try to understand it all. I’ve come light years and starry nights with God. I’ve also realized that events happen for reasons that aren’t always explained,  but if I accept life on its terms, the good with the bad, then I’m seeing more and more of God at work. The box is in my head, and willingness to open my mind to spiritual ideas is both enlightening and engaging. It doesn’t mean that I have to change who I am or how I feel.  It simply means that I don’t have that power, and realizing that has allowed God to change me……good day!…b

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