Throw the ‘rebel’ word around a conversation and chances are that we could all conjur up our own personal stories. I write to liberate and authenticate that little rebel inside of me. If I feel an injustice or I get sideways, I know what to do to continue allowing that high flying spirit to soar. Simply, I pray and talk with my sponsor. We work thru it using the 12 steps approach, and neither of us find it necessary to take a drink.  Simple but not always easy….just like my life. One of the best pamphlets I’ve downloaded on the subject is entitled, ‘How to be an Effective Sponsor.’ It answers most every question for a guy like me.  Asking another man to help me was progress for sure. As a 5 year old, I remember being asked why I never wore shoes. The answer wasn’t because I didn’t have any to wear. I guess I’ve progressed in manhood because I mostly wear flip flops now. I’ve heard over and over that it’s about “progress not perfection,” but for some reason, I keep going back to that little rebel. The same boy who talked others into walking on the railroad tracks with him when his mother told him not too. The boy who made up a story that we could all get rich by placing pennies on the rails and having the rail cars smash them into pure copper. They couldn’t wait to go out and see what yesterday’s mill run had produced. A manipulator is the only title that stories like that ever got me. Most drunks I’ve met are, and I am much better now at recognizing when I’m doing it sober. It’s usually to get something I want. Today I strive for authenticity. It’s also about the rebel inside trying to stay free and survive another day without the substances that kept me going all those years, knowing that they will kill me just like that train….good day!…b

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