Staying Centered


Life is like riding a bicycle, in order to maintain balance you must keep moving

Centered or balanced: with recovery, work, kids, exercise, and recreation.  Some days that voice inside my head tells me to overdo everything. I exercise and overextend. I work and overcommit. I make 5 meetings a week, work with sponsees, and sometimes I feel I should be doing more with the kids. I turn vacations into staycations. One morning several years back I forgot to put the chains from my pop up camper onto the back of my truck. I hit a pot hole in the road, the hitch came loose, the trailer got off center, and less than a minute later?…… it was floating in a lake. And I’m on the bank disgusted, hot, frustrated, wondering if I should just leave it.  I go thru slumps where I have to constantly be reminded who and what I am. Those days when I really wish I would have rolled over and gone back to sleep.  Staying balanced and on the beam can be challenging, and there are times that I simply don’t feel prepared. I would rather take the easy way to escape. I can fall prey to misery and self pity. These are the signs I must watch for to prevent relapse: did I get enough rest?… have I eaten today?…am I mad about something?…have I reached out to another person? Then, I have to check my reality gauge and change what I must change. It takes effort and willingness. After all, it’s the steps that have taught me that I am the core of the problem. Accepting that I must stay focused on God’s will keeps the chains on, hitch clamped, and everything in tow in my daily travels…..good day!…b

Bible Verse

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