30 Day Blessing

Wow, lots can happen in a month. Last night I heard guys speak up and say how grateful they were to be sober 30 days. They got rousing ovations and pats on the back. Just as it should be. We make it by the minutes, hours, days in recovery, and sometimes seconds with each other’s support. When I hear their voices, I hear God. Just a daily reminder of how precious life really is and how far a man will go to prove he is not like other people.  They got a chip, and I’m almost certain something to be proud of for the first time in a long time. It threw me back to the struggle. Oftentimes, I need a reminder. I had forgotten what it felt like to pick up my thirty day chip. That one is so hard to get. Thirty long days and nights sober……. several in the room for the first time in years. Sleep is off, night sweats, cold chills, withdrawals. I forget, like the book says, the pain and misery of even a week ago. To see the excitement and hear the cheers really got me pumped….about their recovery, my recovery,  God, and hope. It’s why I need God because without Him I’m completely powerless over everything. With Him, I can go about my daily walk without having to numb myself into oblivion. Miracles happen everyday. Sometimes in 30 day blocks of time. It’s the big stuff that seems so small that I often take for granted. Hearing laughter, seeing smiles, watching people re-enter the human race again, and watching their lives change because of a single ray of hope. The answers are there to be found when I ask, but I have to show up and do my part…..good day!…b

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