Those basic instincts for money, sex, prestige and power sometimes can be so alluring that they can be a good man’s downfall when overused. If I buy into the lie and play God, they can take over every decision I make. They become my master, and I am the slave. I then make decisions that put me in a position to be harmed the book says, and I get sensitive and my feelings get hurt because life doesn’t  go my way. Self pity plays into it and somewhere in the struggle, control will take over. Hear the downward spiral? All because of those instincts. God given instincts to survive and prosper;  to plant and harvest, to reap bountifully. And yet, I will let mine totally rule me. Why? Because I have no filter in my brain that says, “stop, that’s enough.” So if it appeals to my senses then I want more. Mice do it in laboratories. Scientists give them ‘uppers’ and food and within days they stop eating. Their pleasure zones in the brain get flooded, wiring gets crossed, and they die. It’s just that simple. Instincts can be a good thing when used properly, but give me 10 minutes with mine and I turn them into an all inclusive Carnival Cruise.  So how do I get out of myself long enough to see the struggle and back to the solution? I have to remember that it’s spiritual in nature. Alcohol and drugs are symptoms of a deeper need. For me, it’s the need for God. I give my questions to Him, and sometimes the answer is no. Acceptance then must be my “go to” at that moment for me to get over myself so the good stuff can happen. Then, those basic instincts fall into their proper place, and I can be of service to my fellow man….good day!…b

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