Originality and sincerity both are worthy goals. I borrow the ideas and thoughts from people who are far wiser and more experienced. Recently, my son and I stopped to put oil in his truck when I realized we had no funnel. So, I showed him how to cut the bottom out of a 20 oz. water bottle and make a homemade one. And I had to remind him that it was not an original idea. Some man, years back, taught me that. That man was my father. That’s how original ideas become unoriginal in case you ever wondered. Experience has taught me that I have two options: I learn from my past or I keep repeating the same pattern. Drinking was like that. The sick part is no amount of negative consequences can get a man sober. Only a Higher Power can do it.  I call Him God the Father. He works on my behalf, intercedes, and empowers me. It’s the original plan I believe today. The plan that uses a man like Bill W. to write a book so profound that a simple guy like me can understand. The ‘language of the heart’ he called it. There is something magical that happens when the light comes on.  The magic I see in the beam of others’ eyes. My Creator working on my behalf…… renewed my spirit, and set me on my feet again. From brokenness, darkness, and bondage to freedom and light. Now, that’s originality. And for a man like me, who had to prove to himself that nothing else would work, I’m grateful for the plan that ‘works when you work it’…..good day!…b

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