For all that man has ever needed, take away connectivity with another kindred spirit, and over time he will die. We all long for it. People die of overdoses everyday, lost in the space trying to find a connectivity that will work. They die of heartbreak, loneliness, and sadness, too. My experience has been that the way to reach the pinnacle is with help. No man can do this alone. I need people to help teach me how to be a neighbor, friend, mentor, coworker, father, son, brother, lover, and uncle. It starts with God. “No man is an island,” wrote John Donne, and he was a castaway. I have found thru working the steps a spiritual connectivity that works for me. I find that my relationships with people get better when connected with my program.  Connectivity really does work, but others have to become willing, too. I met a man several years ago who inspired me in recovery. The same man that could be me. I received a call that he was in the hospital parking lot having been discharged and was looking for shelter. It’s been a long hard fall for him.  After having located him a place on 3rd Ave. N., I placed the call and he told me that he vowed he would continue to sleep on the street before he went there. Maybe he will make it for the night. He has lost that connectivity I lose when I use. I get him, after all, I’ve been there.  Give me drinks, and I become disgustingly anti social; withdrawn within a cocoon of my own twisted thoughts.  We can lose our connectivity with God and man. It takes courage and faith to ask for help….and sometimes, in my case, just pure desperation….good day!…b

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