There are instances in life that punch us in the gut and we lose something we’ve only thought we had earned. It could be acknowledgement, recognition, reward, a home, job, car, or boat. It could be self respect. But I’ve learned thru surrender that there are some things not worth fighting for anyway. It is best when I cut my losses. Come to think of it, I can’t lose something that’s not mine to begin with. I have to check my motives, and learning that I am powerless over people and things has been a long hard road. Instead of allowing these instances to make me, if left unchecked, they actually have the power to break me. I had to be broken at the cracked places in my soul in order to change. I then had to call on something outside of myself to help me. When faced with a self imposed crises like addiction, I have to remember that in recovery, adversity comes and goes to strengthen my resolve. Here is the dilemma. Needs are created when my character flaws spin so out of control that only a Power greater than me can fix them. And that’s my point. I don’t have the power to delete them like a backspaced word. Only God can do that for me. It’s taken me lots of energy and effort to try and prove I could, but in the end, my own resources like self will and knowledge failed me. I have to have help each waking day to stay humble and remind myself it’s just a day at a time deal. One breath, one step, one minute, one day. That’s all I have. Along with watching others go thru adversity and make it to the other side…good day!…b

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