Kindred Spirits

As far as the east from the west, and as surely as the sun sets…I find there, my kindred spirit- unknown

We all have them. Folks who have helped me along life’s way. The people we meet who give me hope. The people who have learned the gentle art of systemically loving without conditions. Part of my measuring stick in life has had a perfectionistic mark that I’m learning to erase. No man is perfect, but let me judge and I would never make the grade. Today I know I have to unlearn some old ideas so ingrained within me that they have covered every fabric of my existence. It’s almost like watching a toddler learn to walk. It’s a rebirth. Those old ideas not only cover, they smother and kill the instinctual drive and will to sustain. I’ve met others like myself;therefore,  I am not alone. I set the bar so high that no man can reach, and by the time I figure it out, I’ve already pulled the rug from underneath me. I sever the wellspring of my innate being, and can become my greatest enemy by focusing on my liabilities rather than my assets. Becoming addicted to people and substances are not a new phenomenon. Addictions have been around as long as mankind has worked to escape by crushing grapes and finding a mate. There is something intrinsically wrong however, when I begin to think I’m the only  person who experiences life as I know it. I have to remember that others are going thru trials, too. Some may be just around the corner. Or I have just stepped out of one into the sunshine of the Spirit. There is growth there….with God and my fellow man. But only a few have come along, taken the time, and listened to the heartbeat of a man who wants to feel connected but sometimes don’t know how. That part of my brain got arrested, and emotionally I’ve at times felt a disconnect. What else would explain the desire, at times, to run? The important lesson is to give it a try and accept the successes and failures…with all my might. Learning new ways to live sober can be overwhelming, but the rewards have been far greater than the risks. I’m grateful I found a Plan that works for me. A plan that reminds me that no matter where I am on this journey, I can be honest with my brothers and sisters, and they accept me just as I am….good day!…b

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