Meetings….as in 12 step recovery. Today I go to share my experience, strength, hope and gain from others’ experiences. No place have I found the honesty and real  teachable moments like I find in the rooms. It works for me so when I don’t think I need to go, I go anyway. I have a home group, but I still attend various other meetings around town. With names like “happy hour”, ” serenity now,” and “everything or nothing,” I at least give them a visit  just to gain new perspectives. Each is different, each a unique hour. I’ve yet to leave one where I didn’t get some hope until the next one. I was first introduced to it at age 21 during a detox stint. Thankfully, I never forgot the seed that was planted. I met people who were living happy, joyous, and free without numbing themselves into oblivion. At first I was taken aback by the “God-speak” and talk of a Higher Power. Then I read the first 164 pages of the AA Big Book and I understood that it’s a spiritual program. One man helping another to recover from a hopeless state of mind and body.  That’s what I need to keep me on a fundamental level of understanding the God I experience. I have to remember my intended purpose and responsibility to the newcomer.  Some find God in religion, theology, missions, or in a natural setting. Today, I find Him about everywhere I’m looking for Him, and meetings is where it started. I hear Him in the voices of the folks who, like myself, warped our minds and mangled our bodies badly enough to need each other to stay sober. Powerfully good stuff having meetings to attend with a solution that also has a proven track record of success …..good day!….b

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