finding a niche

For the better part of my life, I must’ve settled. I use to love to drink and get high. The problem is that I wasn’t working much, and taking Mondays off as well as lying on expense reports had become routine.   So I followed my dreams, and today I have a life far better than even I could have imagined living sober. Sometimes fears creep into them, but I am better able to recognize it.  Not every one of us follow the same paths along our spirit filled journeys, but each of us aim to arrive at the same place. A place of security, a nest-egg for my kids, a place to call home. That is finding my niche. Those things that I do that really cause me to enjoy the moment. In active addiction, I still had aspirations, but I couldn’t see past yesterday for trying to get to tomorrow. I made many promises but never a decision. Then I find recovery and my thinking and motives begin to change. My dreams start to become my reality. I begin to live life again and start to see parts of this world for the first time. It’s really a cool thing to experience. Finding what works hasn’t always been easy for me. I’ve tried all my life to do it on my terms, force my will, and find my way. It wasn’t until I actively began to seek God’s will that my life started to change. It’s been a while now since I’ve had the temptation and obsession to use. If that’s not a God thing, then I guess I’ll never know what is. Today I know things about me that I had totally suppressed all those years. Finding the real me in it all has helped me refine my niche in life and surpass my wildest dreams……good day!…b

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