Keep At It

The best way to succeed in life is to act on the advice we give to others.” -Mother Teresa
 We’ve all heard them, those little catch phrases. I’ve had a taste of my own medicine before, and it’s not very good. It tastes like the ivory soap my mother used to wash my mouth when I was a kid. I was five then, and  I didn’t say another curse word until I was 12. But like most folks, I set the bar high and when I can’t jump over it…..I lower it. Just like when I drank. So, I’ve learned, in trying so hard to look right, act right, and say all the right stuff, that I miss the whole point. I will fail you at times. You will fail me.  It’s not in failure that proves my character, it’s my character that proves whether I’ll remain there. Failure is a state of mind, failing is not. Ask Manny Pacquiao what motivates him, he will say the failures of a people he grew up around in the slums of the Philippines, helping raise his siblings as the man of the family at age 12. That’s heart. Edison said failing over and over created a passion for him to get incandescent light to work. That’s desire. Dyson tried thousands of times to get a bagless vacuum cleaner to work.  That’s vision. Profits today?….. Over 800 million……. I’ve failed miserably in many areas: financial, addictions, relationships, parenting, and playing god. Yet, somehow, I’m still alive doing what I love and loving what I do. God did it, pure and simple. Success is not always measured in wins or losses. Jim Abbott played professional baseball with one hand and half an arm. He didn’t make excuses, he made adjustments, switching his glove back onto his hand after each pitch. Those of us in recovery, get back up, switch hands, and scrap one more day. Even on days when the feeling is not there, thankfully, the desire still is. That’s life, my friends,…. fighting to surrender… loads of love!…b

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