Of all the truths I have ever found to be exact, this is it: I will one day exit this earth and leave a legacy. It will not be of wealth, fame, or notoriety. I want it to be one of hope. We all have one. As many ways as there are to celebrate a life well lived, there are as many legacies. We are all just vapors, then we vanish, but the man who dies and is missed for his presence is a well preserved existence. The memories of my loved ones who are gone resonate with each step I take along the shoreline of my life. Each gave a part of themselves and opened up my mind to new ways of transcending time. I appreciate the person I am becoming because they touched me in some positive way. It takes faith and courage to dig deep into the well of my soul and bare the essence of who I tried to hide for so long. Those old patterns failed me miserably, so I have to learn new ways to live. Nothing can be more complete than a man who walks the walk….and he doesn’t have to say much because his actions are believable. I could name them all, but each life would be a chapter in a story untold. I love the saying on our 12 step medallions. It simply says, “to thine own self be true.” I have told many lies, but ultimately I could not run from the truth I know in my heart. Twisted and torn at every turn, defiant, illogical, and self serving would describe the old man. Today, I am happy and content with what I have and who I am, and that God spared me, in His infinite wisdom, to carry the message of hope that so many die without knowing. A legacy of hope that people will say, “that man made a difference in my life”….good day!…b

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