The Story

“Tomorrow hopes we have learned something from yesterday”-John Wayne

I guess I still believe that I’m suppose to ride off in the sunset; saddles, somehow, ablaze with all the glory. But the good westerns never ended without a shootout.  Growing up, we didn’t have cable TV, so my family told stories on the front porch. Where I come from, storytelling is not just an art form, it’s a way of life. Stories about ‘migrant carpentry’,  ‘bootleggers’, and ‘hitchhiking’ were three of my favorites.  Even stories get retold, and sometimes the lines get blurry like the tail lights on a straight scotch night.  Even the good stories can have a not so good ending.   Life, much like stories, can change on a whim.   Today, living sober is a new found freedom…God’s gift is rewriting the script. I’ve been at it long enough to know that I’m always one sip away if I don’t continue to do simple things that got me back on my feet. Sharing, reaching out, and staying accountable have surely been helpful in me staying sober.  How I finish each day’s ride is determined by my adaptability to life’s little pitfalls and pin pricks. They say you can get a drunk horse thief to sober up, but you still have a horse thief. So much work, so many rewards. If it were a fairy tale, I would write a book about all the experiences. But mine would end with me getting bucked off because I held on way too long. I have to learn the hard way it seems. Whether I’m on the summit or in the ditch, my story still has a chance for a decent ending. It may not be riding off in the sunset, but at least it’s not stumbling around drunk down on the farm……good day!….b

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