….and I’ll keep on truckin’ like I didn’t even see it, ignore the warning, and somehow think that I’m the exception to the rule. One of the big “D” words that I need to incorporate more often in my daily commute on the recovery road. Discernment is a spiritual term that means good judgement. The doctor, in his opinion, writes that there comes a time in an alcoholic’s drinking career when he or she “can’t differentiate the true from the false.” Another big “D” word and another bites the dust. Discernment is asking the question, ” should I stay or should I go?” or “should I help or should I not?” Many well intentioned people, including myself, can do more harm than good by giving advice, money, or lending emotional support to a person who doesn’t want anyone to break their fall. I know the man well because I was him, and he was me. Just thumbing, and disregarding good orderly directions.  What works for me now is to ask myself, ” how does my experiences apply to the situation at hand so that I may be helpful and not harmful?” I must accept that some just aren’t ready or willing to receive help. It really did take a long time for me to hit that wall as well. With addiction, it’s just like that, and it is unfortunate that any die without knowing that ” God could and would if He were sought.” Today, that is where I put my faith and trust. It’s a fact born out of 80 years worth of experiences and several million who have recovered from hopelessness. Discernment is using what works for me….letting off the gas, pushing easy on the brake, and prayerfully asking God to continue to give me the “wisdom to know the difference”…good day!…b

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