Experience is not what happens to a man. It is what a man does with what happens to him”-Aldous Huxley

Cat Stevens had a song back in the day called, “On the Road to Find Out.” I’ve been on that road all my life trying to figure out why I am. Self introspection is helpful, but for me, the solution lies in helping others; irrespective of what I think or how I feel. This I do know…. I don’t have a monopoly on recovery or spirituality or God. This summer I spent some time in Sedona around the vortexes of Mother Earth seeking to find that balance I had lost in sobriety. I must share that thru my addiction struggles, I didn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel for a long time. The trains were moving in both directions at the same time and moving at the speed of sound. Thankfully,  I didn’t give up trying to get sober. Today, I know I’m  one of the lucky ones for having walked thru my experiences. I kept holding out for that one platform in life where I could hang my billboard. The problem was that it had no foundation. A house built without a solid foundation will crumble and fall, and unless I remain willing to do the work, I will drink and use drugs again. That’s the knowledge I gleaned from the experiences of doing it my way. I never meant to drink myself into alcoholic blackouts, lose wages, or destroy relationships any more than I meant to get a DUI.  I work the steps and they change me daily from bondage to freedom. It’s not the past that defines who I am, nor the future that determines where I’ll be as much as the willingness and desire to share, care, live, and learn today. It’s what gives me purpose and meaning to a platform built from the wisdom of my experiences……good day!..b

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