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 ‘I’m coming home to the place I remember, back to the land of my first love, would you spread wide your arms for this wayward son, I left my heart in Oregon’ -Mat Kearney ‘Coming Home’

From the west coast to the east, nothing In my world can compare to college football on a fall Saturday down south. It’s one of life’s treasures that can turn into a trigger faster than a .243 bullet out of a bolt action rifle. Expectations rise and fall with each dropped pass. The skirts get shorter, the barbecue tastes sweeter, and the sound rises to a fevered pitch. From the bagpipes in South Bend, the Texas two step in Austin, the Sooner wagon roll out, or Chief Osceola in Tallahassee planting a flaming spear at midfield, if you’ve never been to Jordan Hare stadium in Auburn, AL and watched the eagle fly around the stadium and land on the field to the battle cry of “War Eagle” at night, then get a ticket. It’s an experience you won’t forget.  I know because I’ve been there twice, and I’m a Bama fan. Not only are the traditions, bands, and comaraderie special, but if you’ve ever played the game, or cheered for the home team, it makes for excitement like none other. It makes me a kid again in a fantasy land. It says, “I’m alive”…. because I can make it all day without passing out. It’s the same feeling I still get when I pulled myself up off the turf after being hit in the ribs catching balls across the middle as a player. It’s the same thinking that almost killed me. I played for the after party. Once pride, ego, and excitement creep into it, without an escape, I’m dead in the water. Today, I know that it’s ok to be enthusiastic, but I can’t get overly emotional. That’s what working a program of action does for me… keeps me grounded. It reminds me what I am. It gently teaches me that no matter if my team wins or loses that it’s not life, it’s still just a game. ……good day!…b

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