She also said that there is nothing worse than having sight but no vision. Jack Roush moved to Detroit on 500 dollars and a station wagon back in ’66. Today, he is one of the most successful owners in Nascar. All on hope and a vision. We are vastly approaching the start of fall and with it comes all the plans for the season. I tell myself I need to get more things done to prepare for winter. Good preparation with some foresight always makes for a smoother transition for me. I don’t like change very much. It’s hard to look inside myself, if I see no way out.  Most of us have been there. A little hair of the dog that bites us, we tell ourselves. I’ve experienced the hopeless feeling of not wanting to take that first drink in the morning, but doing it against my own will.  At that time, I could not see my life without drinking and trying to hide it. The sad part is that most everyone already knew that it had become problematic. But the good news is that God can continue to remove that obsession for me. I surely couldn’t. Making promises I could not keep, writing checks I could not cash, buying drinks for people I did not know….. completely and utterly powerless, all against my own better judgement. Then, panic sets in, someone shows me a way of escape, and I have to  take it because  my life depends on it. Each day, I must begin with the end in mind. I find hope in watching others lives change and get better. I find hope in God thru prayer. I find hope in working the steps, and I find hope in working with others. My vision is that I will use what I’ve learned from yesterday, take life one day at a time, look forward, and use my spiritual gifts….good day!…b

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