One important lesson I learned in my traveling sales job was that assumptions will kill me. My boss would call me before my first appointment and ask if I had any sales in the pipeline. That’s lingo for “have you sold anything today.” A verbal agreement without an order  is as useless as a washing machine that doesn’t run, but a job like that is a drunk man’s dream. Expense account, gas card, salary plus commission and I thought I had struck gold….fool’s gold.  False hopes on empty dreams, and eventually I lost every bit of it. Job, cars, home, and then family all gone. I only assumed I was living the American dream;however, life had other plans. A man can go bankrupt in more ways than one.   Unfortunately, it took me ten more years of turning to alcohol and “dry goods” to kill the pain. I had forced all my feelings deep inside and isolated to the point of demoralization. That’s called being beaten “into a state of reasonableness.” And then I became willing and ready to change. That’s what God can do, change the desires of my heart.  Everyday, I still assume many things….the car will crank, lights will turn on, and my health will be good, but when it comes to addiction and recovery, I can never assume that I will remain sober for a lifetime. This is when it gets tricky for me and lulls me into complacency. I can’t assume that because I made it yesterday, I’ll make it today. Suppose the car won’t crank, the electricity is cut off, and I get a bad health report. Quickly, the disease that centers in my mind starts tricking me into believing a lie. The same lie that I once assumed was truth, and that is that I can run, fix, or fight my way out even when all evidence points to the contrary….good day!…b

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