Asking for Help


It is not in my inherent nature to ask for help. I suppose it’s rooted in false pride. What else can explain me being so egotistical and arrogant for fear of someone thinking that I don’t have a clue? I’ve never taken kindly to personal criticisms or one way solutions in recovery either. My way obviously had failed me, and 12 step recovery was where I found people getting and staying sober. But it’s not the same road everybody travels. For some of us, that proverbial fork in the road has been more like a spoon or a cul de sac.  Our highs are different and our bottoms were too. Today I see both as gifts.   Asking another man for help was difficult and humiliating for me, but I did what I needed to do.  That same man and I sat on the porch this past weekend, watched some football, and enjoyed a cigar together. I don’t remember even discussing our former lives. We both are at a place today where we have grown into trusted friends. I trust him because he does what he says he will do. The biggest caveat is that he doesn’t preach, condemn, or judge me. We even made a noon service together at his church last week. It was honest and real. That’s where my recovery journey begins each day, asking for help. It creates humility in my arrogance, and honesty in my lies. It’s also a process that unfolds in time as long as I am available for others when they ask for help from me. I told him early on I would go to any lengths to learn how to live again. It all started when I stepped out and asked for help……blessings!….b

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