Fighting to Surrender


Here are Steven Tyler’s remarks, which found him framing his troubles with substance abuse in typically self-effacing terms. “I’m telling you all my truth. I am a drug addict and alcoholic, and fighting it every day,” he offered. “I had it all; I didn’t care. I hurt my family and my children and my friends. If it wasn’t for AA, I would have nothing. If you stop going to AA meetings, you’re going to wind up using again. I express my joy all because of AA.”….and so it goes, a disease that is no respector of persons and is not discriminatory whatsoever.  Pretty, tall, short, rich, talented, famous, or poor, it bleeds a man to death one vial at a time. Sobering up is not easy no matter the drug of choice or life experiences. I’ve learned it’s easier when I surrender rather than fight. Learning how to live sober takes work. The frontman for Aerosmith said a lot in a few words about what works for him. God can take him, me, and you and give us all a platform to help others. It’s the same when you bring your newborn home, or a new pet from the pound. It changes the landscape of your life…..drugs that was, recovery that is. Everyday I have a choice, thankfully, if I do the work it takes to stay sober. If I fall away from meetings, accountability, prayer, service, and step work, I relapse. It is simple but not always easy….so I stopped fighting and surrendered. Every waking day it takes discipline to train my mind to pick up those recovery tools.  Otherwise, the bedevilments take over and I get frustrated,  bored, moody, aloof, and disconnected. So, I let God discipline me thru surrender….even on those days when I want my towel back…..God Bless….b

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