Sharing is Caring

“Shoot me straight,” is a good Southern expression that means tell me the truth. Socrates, a philosopher who sojourned in the meaning of truth, proves a good point. People in the marketplace would ask him why he always admired the fine shoes for sale while he walked around barefoot, and he replied, “So I can see what I am perfectly happy without.” Some one passed that story along so that a few hundred years later we all might learn from it. Here’s another from a friend in the program who will share her story tonight in a speaker meeting. She writes…..”5 years ago today I lost my brother to this horrible disease of addiction. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think to myself if I had of ‘just.’ I know that he is in peace, that I can only just imagine like the peace I feel when I’m being of maximum service to others. The truth is he never knew there was any other way to live. It’s really sad when I think that at one time I had also accepted that I would die from this disease as well. God has given me so much today to be grateful for!!! Today I will not be sad, but I will reflect on what the disease has given back to me and my family. It’s given me my life, because I was dead when I walked in the rooms. I love you all!!”…Three years sober, and she cares enough to share what takes guts, courage, and faith. We are all writing our own stories, each day a new page in the chapter on Life. Thankfully, others share so that we all might learn from their experiences as well as our own….good day!…b

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