Let Go and Let God


Thinking, obsessing, or worrying about the future has never changed it, and even God can’t change my past, but the Creator, loves me in spite of it all.   I only have today. What should be a natural process of self-reflection often goes awry when I play the same distressing scenes in my head over and over again. Feelings can be a tough draw. Maybe you do the same. I ask myself, “how could she?”, “what was I thinking”, or “why can’t I stop this?” Several years ago, I was introduced to an idea by a mountain biking buddy on a trail around Lake Fontana.   He was, and still is, one of those spiritually enlightened giants. He might as well have been talking a foreign language at the time. I was replaying a painful but necessary break up and analyzing every nuance of details that I could recall. What I really wanted was for him to fix the situation. What I know today is that he doesn’t have that power. The urge to ruminate can strike at any moment, taking over my thoughts when I’m driving, in the shower, or maybe even when I’m working out.  Before I know it, my mood is melancholy, my emotions feel raw, and my thinking turns negative. His words?…..”let go and let God.”   I saw it on a plaque three years later on a wall in an AA meeting.  There are those who offer a smile, a handshake, or a hug that can encourage me in ways like none other. There are those too who encourage by their words, always uplifting no matter their ordeal. They seem to have the edge, a spiritual connectedness that reminds those around them of a quiet confidence. They also get that life is short and circumstances will change, and occasionally their words are as profoundly amazing as a blood red moon…..good day!…b

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