The best way to get something done is to begin- author unknown

For some of us it’s not just fear but procrastination, and the crazy part was that I would go to any length to get high. I never put that one off I can assure you. Surrender is a process, and I wonder why I had such a hard time staying sober.  Procrastination, in many ways, has always been an art form for me.  In fact, the masterpiece is so spectacular that I forget to actually put the oil on the canvas. I tell myself that I’ll finish what I think I should have started but never actually get around to it. Twain once said “why do tomorrow, what you can put off until day after tomorrow.” That little voice creeps up on me, and I’m riddled with fear, anxiety, and anger for not having gotten done more of what I actually set out to do. My recovery can be the same. I tell myself that  I’ll stay home tonight because I don’t “feel” like going to a meeting, doing step work, or writing.  Like a snowball rolling downward, I’m in a tailspin and I get irritated, frustrated, and full of self pity. This all happens in a matter of minutes because I avoid doing the task at hand. What gets me unfrozen? Following the inner voice, and doing it  whether I “feel” like it or not. Procrastination can be a beast, so I ‘act as if’ the monkey is off my back even when I feel like I’m still carrying him.  I thank God I have something to do whether I want to or not, and I understand better today that forcing myself into action will breed in me an intrinsic virtue that the idle will never know,,,,good day!….b

2 thoughts on “Procrastination

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