“Find something you love to do and you’ll never work a day in your life”- Confucious

Several years back Will Smith starred in a movie called The Pursuit of Happyness.  The plot, based on a true story, revolved around a homeless and single father who, along with his young son, slept in subway terminal restrooms while he worked as an intern stockbroker. The good news for him was that he eventually became a millionaire. I’ve often wondered what really makes me happy deep down in my soul. I’ve had moments of sheer joy and exciting times like winning a state championship, witnessing my kid’s birth, my favorite college team winning a national championship,  and graduating college, but I found even that is not long term happiness. It’s a feeling that can fade quicker than a hit of home grown. Is it money, cars, houses, people, or clothes? Not happiness, but maybe they do make life more comfortable at times. I mean a sustainable, day in day out happy place in my mind. By working the 12 steps and the synergy of each working together thru out my day, life has become reasonably happy for me.  It’s not always a joyous occasion to set boundaries, but quitting drugs and alcohol helped me get my self respect back. That makes me happy. Reaching out and helping others also has been instrumental in gaining some happiness, but the single greatest factor has been that I surrender daily to God’s will for my life. It takes acceptance, tolerance, patience, and love but when I’m there I know it. My reactions to life are more sane, and I’m reasonably happy and content. Accepting  that life is not fair has been a hard pill to swallow, but in order for me to be happy doesn’t mean that I get to fly to the Bahamas. It simpy means that I can put on my bahamas, tie on a fly, and accept wherever I can fish for the day whether they are biting or not. Now that makes me happy! …good day!….b

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