Amends can be a tall order. Telling someone ‘I’m sorry’ is often not good enough. They have heard it all before. My intention should be to ask what I can do to make matters right. That takes humility and courage, but along comes fear. My mind says, ” what if it doesn’t go well?”, or “what if it causes more harm than good?” Fear encapsulates itself in the ‘what ifs’ of life. Making amends is more about me irregardless if the other person’s response is not positive. The problem lies within me, not within others, and if I clean my side of the street then skeptics may become believers. If I am truly sorry for what I have done, then my actions will show it. It’s not my job to tell others where they are wrong or more importantly, hurt them worse. It is just as wrong to explain the whole spiritual awakening and psychic change within me because that would be “leading with the chin.” If I know deep down that I might not overcome drinking, then I had best make the amends. Yet, my pride wants me to believe it’s already water over the dam, although my fourth step list includes those of whom I need to make matters right. Suppose I steal from someone and they don’t know, should I repay the debt? The book suggests I should, and based on our early founders’ experiences they received affirmation and were relieved to find out the debt was written off in the heart. My experiences have been similar. Most of my wrongs I have confessed. It is right and necessary. But how about creditors, alimony, child support, and the like? These still can be problematic, but over time can correct themselves thru good faith effort. I do know that I can’t cut off my nose to spite my face, but if I have an amend that needs to be made, it’s best to make it right in order to clear my conscious and cleanse my soul…..good day!…b

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