Reaching Out


For all its worth, I have spent countless hours and lots of money trying to figure out the how and whys of my life. I have been to psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors, ministers, mountain tops, beaches, resorts, churches, and retreats to help me. The answers, I have found, were inside of me all along. I am the source of my own problems, all dictated by my own choices. Being a child of God and dwelling in His Spirit were foreign concepts to me, at least on the surface. I understand intellectually that there has always been my belief in God, but it never had been personal. I only called on Him when the going got tough. Today, I not only reach out to God, but I see the need to reach out to others as well. That is where I see God, thru the eyes of another’s lense. It takes faith to build character, and it takes willingness to change. No, I’m not perfect, and in that admission I am more able to be humble and express my need for Him. The solution is what I seek, but talking and writing about it are not the same as living it. The promise of a new found freedom and happiness is what I get when I reach out. Today I do see how my experiences are shaping me, but also how I can share them,be relational, and help others. God didn’t strike me sober, but He never got me drunk, either. Each day I thank Him for the gift that has been given me, and I still reach out and ask for that same gift thru a simple prayer I pray every morning to start my day. The miracle of it is that I reached out at all, but then again, desperate times do call for desperate measures….. Good day!…b

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