Enduring Love

Enduring love is not just the ability to bear a hard thing, but to turn it into glory-William Barclay

 When it comes to love, I will or I won’t. It’s a choice, and I had to learn to love myself again because I can’t give nor receive love if I don’t have it in my heart. The need to have love for my fellow man doesn’t always come natural. Some days, I have to pray for it and just act as if its there. I  go thru the motions and smile against my own good nature. I’m writing specifically about loving others enough to put their needs before mine. It’s hard to do sometimes. Seeing the needs of others is a responsibility I have today. To reach out and help others is taking the action. I better be ready because some days people ask, “how did you get here?”, and I tell them “God, love, and endurance.” If God is love, then I better love thru the hurt, pain, and disappointments.  Recovery has taught me that. The debt I owe can’t be paid in dollars and cents. Have you ever noticed how easily it is to love the lovable? Those friends and family who are easy to be around, make you happy, and make life fun. The people who reciprocate their love back are easy, but how about the unlovable? Quite frankly, some folks are harder to love than others; there are difficult people in my life, even ones close to me. The responsibility lies in loving them anyway, right where they are and right where I’ve been. Love doesn’t just make the world a better place, it makes a peaceable and happy existence….good day!….b

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