On Death and Dying


Jimmy Kimmel to Willie Nelson….” So, Willie when you die how do want to be remembered?” ……Willie paused and said, “when I die, you mean if I die?”….(laughing)

Even the Red Headed Stranger thinks he will be around forever I suppose. Mortality can be a hard pill to swallow .  I’ve already tried to die in ways, but the strangeness of it  is that the same pride and ego that almost killed me actually has given me the stubbornness to survive at times. I’m glad now that I stuck around. If you have ever wanted to end it all, got tired of the fight, and not wanted to surrender to the struggle, then I get you. The book says we have two alternatives: go to the bitter end, or seek a spiritual solution. For a hard head like me, those aren’t easy propositions. It’s sort of like trying to fly a plane with one wing knowing you will crash, but you don’t know when or where.  Culturally, I find it fascinating how people respond to death. In New Orleans, it’s a parade and a celebration of life.  The Caviteño people of the Philippines bury their dead in a hollowed-out tree trunk.  In the Appalachia, it’s usually  graveside with the worst baritone voice singing, ‘The Old Rugged Cross,’ drug out into what feels like the longest day of your life. What saddens me the most is watching older people slowly die, and younger ones die with needles in their arms and never having a clue of a better life. Sometimes, they both will lose their minds before their body quits. I lived for years on the edge like I would be around forever, too. It’s a sobering thought to know that I will not.  I believe God put me here and had a plan all along. A plan for me to evade death a little longer in order to share with others the experiences that have changed me. I see it everywhere; death, destruction, and hate. The same hate I had to work thru in order to understand what love can do. It can heal brokenness, repair damaged lives, sober a man up, and put the sordid pieces back together as well as free me from the fear of one day leaving this earth forever….blessings….b

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