The betting game


Of all the things I am, thankfully, losing at a card table, football game, or a slot machine has never been my game. In fact, I was at a trade show on the coast of Mississippi years back when I put in three dollars worth of quarters in a slot, pulled the leaver, and walked to the counter with 400 dollars worth of coins. You would have thought I had struck a pot of gold and would want more, but I walked out. I’ve also stayed at the Mandalay Bay in Vegas and never put a nickel in a slot. It’s not my fortay to lose something I’ve never had much of to begin with….except my own sanity. I do know gamblers, and much like the addict I am, I have watched them lose everything, too. There are few safety nets or enablers to catch a man when he has to lose everything in order to find himself, unless he is willing to admit powerlessness and unmanageability. I have to watch where fear, excitement, and worry kick into gear. It’s all a head game, not a card game. Playing the odds of me picking up a drink today is about as senseless as throwing my money down on a game of Texas hold ’em. I lose at the game, every time. Working at my recovery,however, is 100% foolproof when I remain willing. It’s helped me stay sober and find a new freedom, and a new way to live even when the going gets rough and the money gets tight. The 9th step promises tell me, “fear of people and of economic insecurity will leave us, we will know a new freedom and a new happiness……” Abstinence offers me that, the steps offer me that, but giving into the idea that get rich schemes, nickel slots, and match games is an old idea that I have had to let go…even when times get tough…good day!…b

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