There was always something I liked about Ralph Waldo besides  his name. I could take his advice on the above quote, which hangs as a magnet on my refrigerator door, more often.  I place  it there to remind me when my threshold for frustration gets low and what I need to do differently. I still  get frustrated easily at times, but mostly with myself nowadays. I believe something should happen or not happen and when it doesn’t go my way, I get irritable. Straight textbook stuff there, just like I did when I drank or if I needed a really stout one. Pacing back and forth into each room of the house, turning the TV’s on, turning the radio up, looking up something on youtube, and for that bottle I had hid the night before; fooling no one but myself. All I was doing was temporarily distracting myself from the core of my problem. I have since discovered that it is usually rooted in selfishness,  or sometimes it’s a festering resentment. The book says that is my number one offender, and it destroys more alcoholics than anything else. I drank because I liked the affect. I could forget my problems, not worry about too much of anything, and therein lies the nonsense. The problems are always still there, and they are not going away. It’s my reactions to them today that have changed. I no longer drink over them because I had to learn some hard core truths  about myself thanks to the fellowship of people just like me. They teach me that I can make it thru any experience or circumstance sober provided I let go of the past and ask God to continue to heal me from the core of the problems that causes the frustrations in the first place….good day!…b

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