Heart don’t lie

imageWe have a simple slogan in recovery , “to thine own self be true.” It sounds like it might have come out of a 1950’s hardback library book. I have one too that works for me: ” the heart don’t lie.” It sounds like a country LP that might have come straight out of Bakersfield. My mind may play tricks, con, and manipulate me, but if I stay true to my heart then I’ll stay true to myself. The “heart” I’m referring too here is the God conscious Holy Spirit that lives in me. I have to feed it or it will die. The book says that deep down inside each of us is the “fundamental idea of God”, and sometimes I have to go to Him alone, because the answers I seek are usually revealed to me when I choose to do the right thing from the heart.  I know when I don’t, and I know how it makes me feel…just like I feel when the car won’t crank, or the money runs low, or the kids are sick. Those aren’t choices, that is life, but what I choose to fill my heart with everyday is up to me. I know there are evil forces in this world, but there are good forces too that work on my behalf in the spiritual realm. They help me fight those demons deep inside of me everyday thru surrender, service, and prayer…… “The heart don’t lie.” I know it’s grammatically incorrect, but to remind myself over and over works for me. If I sold all that I have and give the rest away, then I’m experiencing the radical transforming power of the heart of God.  The same heart for change that dwells in me. Nothing is static, not even a heartbeat, unless there is no heart, and that is where the lie lives….good day!…b

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