Saving Grace

grace-def-1There are few ideas that I find in my own recovery more refreshing than grace…God’s grace for me, my grace for others, and their grace for me. Grace is love, forgiveness, and unmerited favor all rolled into a big bundle of pure compassion. Learning to forgive others for harms done is no small task, but forgiving myself has been a tall order. I seemed to like the self pity that came along with it. After all, it was the only life I had known. Perfectionism personified, life had become more of a competitive uphill battle that I thought somehow I had to win. After all, who wants to stop long enough to make restitution for harms done? Who really wants to get so honest that it hurts? The caveat has been that God, I believe today, has forgiven me no matter where I am on this journey. Now, I must forgive myself and others or the resentments will kill me. One of the most profoundly freeing actions I have taken has been to set these matters straight. It takes guts and humility, courage and bravado. I walk a free man and go just about anywhere I want provided I remember the grace God has extended to me. I’ve often said, if I had gotten what I deserved it would have been trial by fire. I don’t downplay my former self anymore. I was a sick man in bondage to the world, people, and King Alcohol. They actually ruled me for far too long. Today, my life is a testament to the grace that has been extended to me on many levels. Judges let me go, people let me go, and God set me free. If you know the struggle of trying to dig out of a hole with no light, simply thank ‘Grace’ for it all. It’s not how far I fall that matters, it’s how much of God’s grace that I’m willing to accept in order to allow His will to override mine….good day!…b

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