Crazy Angry Lust

imageNothing gets me going quite like these two, and I mean in the opposite direction of where I need to be headed. I never knew how intertwined these have been most of my life. One is a character flaw, the other a personality maladjustment. They both lead down the same path if I’m not aware. Red faced, red eyed mad….with a woman involved, and I have completely lost my mind. Guys won’t always admit it that ladies can drive us nuts if we allow it. They don’t call them crimes of passion for nothing. The 12 @ 12 tells me that my basic instincts have gotten out of control. If you struggle with anger, I can tell you I had to seek professional help. It probably has saved more than one life. I read a book in my ‘good reads’ section of the blog that my sponsor recommended called Anger: a guidebook for men. It helped me identify those hot thoughts that produce the uncomfortable feelings that make me want to change them. One of the 7 deadly sins I now know is lust. It has laid many a man to rest before his time. Throw these two in together and I have a recipe for complete disaster. Then, imagine what happens when I’ve imbibed with these out of control, unresolved emotions.  “Something,… I say something, ….is going to get torn out of it’s frame, ” said Foghorn Leghorn to anyone who would listen. Seriously, anger and lust are no joke. They cause me to retaliate. They cause me fear. They cause me to get wasted out of my mind. Suppressing these emotions worked I thought, but eventually they have to get exposed in order for me to get better. It’s not always easy but rewarding staying sober. I have to live life differently today, and I have to reflect on what I can change. Not engaging with others who push my buttons, and staying out of strip joints is a pretty darn good start…good day!…b

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