Difference Maker

image My own life experiences have proven this to be true: it’s not what I say, it’s not what I think, it’s not how I feel, it’s what I DO that is the difference. I’m sure players of Vince Lombardi, John Wooden, Paul “Bear” Bryant, and some of the other great coaches of our time would say those guys were difference makers in their lives. But how about the lady at the well or the dead man named Lazarus? I can only imagine that sitting at the foot of the cross and looking up has been the difference in marriages succeeding, addictions relieved, and diseases healed. There is more than one way to ultimately define a miracle. I was a skeptic way too long. God has made a believer out of me. How many of us can talk a big game, but in the end, not come thru with the promise? I did it for years. I will say, “I feel like I should just stay home tonight. I don’t think anything like a Bible study, meeting, or a step study can get me out of this funk I’m feeling.” There have been days where I was so obstinate and unwilling that I would try living my way first,  even against the suggestion of someone’s advice who had actually lived thru an event I might be experiencing. On the flip side, its when we walk thru whatever that ensnares us that we look back, and with God’s goodness and mercy can see that we are all closer than we think or feel as we cross the bridge to freedom. When we openly and honestly share our experiences of turning our lives over and actually DO the work, do we get the results. The “work” I am referring to is taking suggestions from people who work the steps. I have to get to know myself first in order to help others. The hardest thing I ever did was ask a man for help and humble myself enough to pray on my face. Faith without works cannot suffice.  I can’t change myself, that comes from a Power greater than me, and He tells me, “you do the work, and I’ll take care of the rest.” It’s a free gift, and all I have to do is ask……good day!….b


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