Necessary Endings

imageThe title necessary endings is from a book by the same name. The author, Dr. Henry Cloud, is also coauthor of a book entitled Boundaries which is on my GOODREADS  on the home page. When I read a good book, I pass it along, just like friends have done for me. There are crossroads that I’ve come to in business, relationships, and employment that didn’t end well. The reason is because I did not know how to end them. I simply was not equipped. They left me bitter, angry, remorseful and lost but staying stuck surely didn’t fix it. The answers lie within when I ask for the proper use of God’s will. Of all the fears and resentments these losses have caused, they were necessary as I look back over my life. Hurtful and sometimes excruciatingly painful, they left me feeling insecure and emotionally and financially unstable at times, but necessary all the more. Dr. Cloud uses the term “pruning” to extract those negative forces that zap my limited resources of time, money, and energy. Boy, have I spent many an hour there. Spinning my wheel like a hamster, distracting myself from the primary purpose of being helpful and useful to others. It’s the equivalent of shooting at the same target without adjusting the scope sights. The idea is to get a “grouping” of rounds within a small radius. Otherwise, I shoot to miss the mark. The sick part is that I stayed stuck in my addiction to booze and pills much the same way. I was fearful of leaving the comfortable for the unknown. Some are born with the innate ability to skip thru life without fear of change. That gene skipped my pool. I will procrastinate the obvious until it becomes the inevitable. When I do a daily inventory, I am often amazed how difficult and challenging pruning the unneccessary parts of my life that cause me pain can be. It’s only a daily reprieve when I remain willing to cut the fat in order to get to the meat and remember that sometimes endings are necessary to move forward ….good day!…b

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