How It Works

c68ad24e-6aa3-4c42-8065-f306996749cbVann Morrison  sang that he had been lost, double crossed, with his hands behind his back. When I first walked into the rooms of 12 step recovery, I felt handcuffed, too. Hollowed out eyes,  incoherent, unintelligible thoughts all created by hitting myself over the head with a chemical hammer for 25 years. It’s really insane, looking back,  and yet I wouldn’t admit unmanageability. Admitting  defeat with that glass in hand can be a real dogfight. Sometimes a man will struggle to stay in his own misery.  I’ve been to sordid places all for a walk with the devil. What I heard in your shares in the beginning was hope, and that’s all a man like me needed. I heard it last night, when a friend shared she wished she could give the gift of hope to everybody.  I wanted a better life, I just had to ask God for the willingness. I still do. Complacency is what I have to watch for today. It takes patience and love, but most of all it takes time. I’ve stuck around long enough to find a man who walked me thru the steps. It has changed my life. Living miracle?… are absolutely right. Another reason to be grateful. Everyday, that same little boy who couldn’t look in the mirror a few years ago, now sees a man whose faith has grown all from  daily surrender. Today, I recognize it’s a spiritual malady brought on by self will. Bottles were a symptom. It’s just one man helping another who knows where he has been.  Pain creates change, and I’ve often heard when the pain of doing the same thing is great enough, I’ll try something different. That is the miracle of the whole experience that I found God thru it all……blessings!….b



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