A Beautiful Gift


It may be snowing or raining wherever you are but the Son always shines after the storms blow thru. At least that is what I was taught.  Willful gratitude takes work when self pity seeps into my little world. We all have our parades rained on from time to time, and then someone finally had the courage to tell me the truth. The truth that getting out of myself and thinking and doing for others is the answer to the riddle that had puzzled me most of my life. The glass is half full today because I believe it no matter what may be going on around me. We all have struggles, heartaches, and pains. For me to see the beauty in it all, I usually have to mull thru the hard stuff and then turn around and thank God for helping me make it. Life is so much better today being sober minded, better than I’ve ever known. My relationships with people are better, my moods are generally more stable, and my reactions to life have changed. I don’t always see it, but I am quite certain that those close to me have. The world is generally a safer place as well when I am not running on self will, propelled by a compulsion to drink myself into stupors. At one time, I hated getting up at 3 in the morning to put together plastic toys for Christmas when my kids were little. I hate to admit it but it is the gut level truth, and then get back up all hung over, smile, and act like I was happy only to wish the misery of being drunk on Christmas would somehow go away. The good news is am no longer ruled by those same emotions that I could not handle. I found out who I am and what I am by working the 12 steps. Now that I know, I can walk about in freedom from the bondage that once kept me enslaved. God gave it to me, a gift of sobriety that is the best Christmas present I’ve ever had…..happy day!…b

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