What’s it worth?


Screenshot_2016-01-03-13-01-52I’ve asked myself this question more than twice in a lifetime…my life, my belongings, my soul? If I wrapped it all up and put a bow around it all, it wouldn’t be worth much, except for my soul. The strangest irony is that what would appear to be the most valuable to others are actually the items I should get rid of first. The rest of it is priceless. Small gifts of good will given by friends who’ve passed thru my life at times. Some have double crossed, but each have a story to tell. They are like a cup of hot tea on a cold night, comfort like a pair of well worn wellingtons. What doesn’t fade are the memories, photographs, and timeless images in my mind of getting on the bus for free. It’s meaningful for me to watch in recovery how some stay, and some I may never see again. Was it worth the one comment of hope, the one or two words of encouragement given to those who are new to recovery? The ones I see make it are the ones who reach out. It means their life, and they get it. It’s worth them giving their phone number to a man who probably won’t call. It’s worth them fixing a pot of coffee for folks who may have had nothing but alcohol to drink for days. We pass him by on the street, throw a couple of bucks down for good measure, and move along without a second thought that he’s somebody’s son, uncle, brother, or friend. It happens more than I ever know, folks drowning in their own cups all because life somehow,they feel,  has robbed them. My heart bleeds for the ones who cannot or will not see this way of life. I met a friend on a recent trip who shared she had worked for a wealthy man who lived on one of the gated barrier islands nearby. He had everything a dime could buy but peace. She found him, slumped in his chair with a self inflicted gunshot, dead on arrival. He had been relieved of his job as a CEO only a few weeks earlier. His job was his image and it was worth more to him than his life…so he took his gun, his life, and his soul all at the same time and it reminded me of how quickly I have to make the adjustments to see the worth….good day!….b


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