imageMany of us can feel that recovering from addictions can be like climbing a mountain. So what do I do?…..I buy more, run more, and do more of anything rather than to look inside myself, reach out to God, and ask for help to unclutter these worldly clamors. Believe it or not, I have found that my material possessions may be making things worse. I’ve been buried under a mountain of my own belongings, and found that it can be much harder to resolve my own internal struggles if I allow it. Hoarding, messiness, and neglect can turn my  world into one big trigger. Most of you know how powerless and unmanageable life can get. Getting to the solution is always the answer as well as acceptance of the “what is” of course.  Getting rid of stuff doesn’t have to be a big project. Getting rid of toxic people doesn’t either. Just like recovery, the key for me is to make small goals that are easier to hit. I begin with the end in mind, one defect and one drawer at a time. Then I ask myself,  “where am I spending my money?” A business with no inventory goes broke the book says.  Part of getting rid of stuff is keeping mindful of the emotional attachment of letting go. Sometimes we attach memories with things – is this particular memory one I want to keep revisiting? If not, it’s time to donate or sell it. The act of giving is a powerful healing tool. As with any big project, I have to ask for help from friends or family. I reach out to my support system to help me tackle paring down. Just like recovery, I have to remember that I am not alone in my journey. A cleaner space means a cleaner head. Whether it’s recovery, therapy,meetings, Bible study, or just cleaning one room in my living space – it all starts with a single action to want to do it. We all know that getting started is the hard part, but remaining willing to unclutter the junk can be the difference….good day!….b


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